Committed to helping people with addictions find a way back

'Committed to helping people with addictions find a way back'

Be inspired to make a real change today

Breaking the cycle of addiction

Dedicated to helping to those in need.

Our friendly staff will help those in need.


Wayback has been offering community based residential drug and alcohol treatment since 1969.

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Wayback provides information on several different drugs types and their effects.

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Applications can be submitted online or by person.

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Wayback is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre founded in 1969.

We offer three types of programs:
Residential programs
Triple D – Don’t Do Drugs
Smart Recovery programs

Residential Program

Wayback provides treatment for those experiencing social, legal, health and family problems associated with their use of illicit drugs and/or alcohol. We have the capacity for 44 clients and they can be accommodated in our fully furnished premises at one of the 13 Wayback houses located in Western Sydney.

Smart Recovery

The staff at Wayback are trained in SMART Recovery (Self Management and Recovery Training)  and weekly groups are offered at Wayback.

Programs and Policies

Clients rights and responsibilities
Complaints and Grievance Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Organisation Chart


“Since I’ve been at Wayback, they have taught me that I don’t need drugs and alcohol and that I can live a happy life, responsibly”


"I feel very privileged that I have been given the opportunity to change my life. Wayback has given me more tools to cope with my drug addiction."


"Wayback has helped me by supporting me in hard times. I’ve turned my life around and it’s helped me better my life”


“Since being at Wayback, it’s really given me a reality check with my life. This program really helps if you want to change your life. What I have got out of this program so far is that there is so much more to life than jail and it’s keeping me on the straight narrow. I’ve been in and out of jail for 5 years now and I’ve got my whole life ahead of me”.


“I was firstly addicted to ecstasy then progressed to cocaine, ice and valium. I have been in and out of jail over the past 5 years and this is the first time in my life that I have wanted to make changes. The staff has helped me get my life back on track and I now have hope for the future. The staff genuinely care and want to help”

Wayback is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre founded 1969