With professional counsellors, social workers, welfare workers and an administration team, Wayback provides a holistic approach to recovery — addressing both the addiction and welfare needs of our clients. In 2012, we became an accredited rehabilitation service with the following distinguishing factors.

We deal with any person wishing to address their addiction issues, including those in the Criminal Justice System whose lives have spiralled out of control and are now in custody or before the courts because of criminal activity associated with drug use.

Wayback is heavily involved with the NSW Drug Court Program, which is an outstanding government initiative to address the drug problem in our nation.

In some ways you could say that we reach out to those others have given up on. Rather than isolating clients from society during rehabilitation, Wayback houses clients in the community as they journey through rehabilitation.

This allows counsellors and social workers to journey with clients as they learn to recognise their addiction triggers that will always live with and put actions in place to address those triggers. We also give clients the skills needed to live independent and healthy lives.

We understand that there is no magical door when entering a rehab. People will slip up from time to time as they learn their rehabilitation skills. And while there are penalties for slip ups, we prefer to journey with our clients, teaching them how to address their triggers and move on with life — rather than quickly discharging them for their errors.