Wayback Ltd is a registered charity (CFN 11668) therefore all donations are tax deductible.

By donating to Wayback you partner with us in reaching out and giving an opportunity to those lost in the cycle of addiction to recliam their life and restore their family relationships.

In essence you play a vital role in making a difference to those lost in the addiction cycle as well as playing an instrumental part in tackling the drug problem in our generation.

Tax deductable donations to Wayback Ltd can be made by any one of the following methods.
  • Sending a cheque (made out to Wayback Ltd) to 65 Marion Street, Harris Park 2150, or

  • By directly depositing your donation into our bank account

    Wayback Ltd
    George St, Parramatta
    BSB No. 032 231
    Account No. 930 447, or

  • Making a donation at our office in 65 Marion Street, Harris Park, or

  • Contacting us on of the following phone numbers

    Office Hours 9633 4800
    After Hours 0408 029 985

    Please make sure to leave your contact details so we can send a receipt and thank you letter.