Committed to helping people with addictions find a way back


Wayback LTD has several programs to assist the community:

Residential Programs

Wayback Ltd is a registered charity Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Service established in 1969 to provide treatment for those experiencing social, legal, health and family problems associated with their use of illicit drugs and/or alcohol.

Wayback offers a pharmacotherapy (methadone/ buprenorphine) residential rehabilitation program based on the harm minimization model.  A total of 44 clients can be accommodated in fully furnished premises at the thirteen Wayback houses located in the Western Sydney region.

School Program – Triple D Program
(Don’t Do Drugs)

The Triple D – Don’t Do Drugs program was developed in 2016 to provide information and knowledge to high school students about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol use.  The staff at Wayback have a range of knowledge and have worked with many adults who have been incarcerated and institutionalised partially due to their drug use.   We have a responsibility to share this knowledge with young people and understand that earlier prevention is the key to helping them make informed choices. Many of our clients have said to us in the past “if only someone had told us about the harmful effects of drug use, maybe things would’ve been different!” ………so our aim is simple, if one student can take away something from our program that changes their decision to using drugs; we have been successful!


SMART Recovery Program

The staff at Wayback are trained in SMART Recovery (Self Management and Recovery Training)  and weekly groups are offered at Wayback.

SMART recovery is a 90min confidential group that aims at managing behaviours by using evidence based tools and techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing. Participates will learn new coping strategies and are expected to develop their own achievable plan for their upcoming week.